Tri-Counties Blood Bank Fund

This fund was established by court decree when a nonprofit blood bank was sold and assets were given to community foundations in Santa Barbara and Monterey for annual grants in this field. It provides reimbursement to organizations which supply blood and blood products to people who can’t afford them, and for other related activities.


In August each year, Requests for Proposals are sent to Natividad Hospital, Mee Memorial Hospital, Montage Health, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and other eligible organizations.

Guidelines and Application

The purpose of this grant program is to support nonprofit, public-benefit hospitals or city or county hospitals with acute care facilities for the directunreimbursed costs of purchasing blood or blood products from a blood bank for patients, residents of Monterey County, who are not covered by any form of public or private insurance. The fund may also reimburse costs or fund future training for staff or community education related to blood and blood diseases. The court order states that the Fund is not authorized to cover the cost charged to the patients for the blood or blood products or any of the related costs of administering the blood or caring for the patients. Requests for reimbursement should include invoices totaling the amount requested.

TCBB Applications are due by 5:00 PM, the first Friday of October. Grants are made in December.

Please review the application questions, and then how to apply.

Online Grants Manager

Recent Grants

Natividad Medical Foundation Reimbursement of blood and blood products (three-yrs) $36,000
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital Foundation Reimbursement of blood related expenses (three-yrs) $9,000