• Dan Baldwin
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      831.375.9712 x115

    Philanthropic Services & Communications

    • Christine Dawson
      Senior Vice President
      Philanthropic Services

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      831.375.9712 x126

    • Andrea Scott
      Director of Gift Planning
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      831.375.9712 X 124

    • Brian Thayer
      Senior Philanthropic Services Officer
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      831.375.9712 x144

    • Amanda Holder
      Director of Communications
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      831.375.9712 x123

    • Jane Albertson

      Jane Albertson
      Communications Officer
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      831.375.9712 x117

    • Jasmine Menor

      Jasmine Menor 
      Philanthropic Services Coordinator
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      831.375.9712 x120

    Community Impact

    • Laurel Lee-Alexander
      Vice President of Community Impact
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      831.375.9712 x112

    • Janet Shing
      Director of Grantmaking
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      831.375.9712 x137

    • Michael Castro
      Community Initiatives Manager
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      831.375.9712 x127

    • Karina

      Karina Gutierrez-Barboza
      Grants and Data Specialist

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      831.754.5880 x135

    • Esther Figueroa
      Scholarships and

      Community Impact Officer
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      831.375.9712 x107

    • Joel Hernandez Laguna
      Community Impact Officer
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      831.754.5880 x133

    Center for Nonprofit Excellence

    • Susie Polnaszek
      Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence
      Email Susie
      831.375.9712 x138

    • Reid Norris Leadership Development Specialist, Center for Nonprofit Excellence

      Reid Norris
      Leadership Development Specialist, Center for Nonprofit Excellence
      Email Reid
      831.375.9712 x155

    Finance & Operations

    • Kim Drabner

      Kim Drabner
      Senior Vice President of Finance and Human Resources
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      831.375.9712 x116

    • Gianna Y

      Gianna Yim
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    • Sarah Elias
      Accounting Associate
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      831.375.9712 x128

    • Maria Nicora Hauman
      Director of Operations  
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      831.375.9712 x113

    • Chalet Booker

      Chalet Booker
      Administrative Specialist
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    • Clarisa Chisum

      Clarisa Chisum
      Administrative Coordinator
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      831.375.9712 x100