Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) Grants support focused, strategic projects that strengthen a nonprofit’s ability to be resilient now and in the future.

Through a boost from an Organizational Development (OD) grant, Monterey County nonprofits can make progress on unique, non-recurring management or leadership situations. OD grants are reviewed by our Center for Nonprofit Excellence staff.

This grant has lifted our organization to another level…We are ever grateful for your support of this important work. Big Sur Land Trust

Recent Examples of Successful OD Projects:

  • An established organization significantly grew volunteer and donor engagement by investing in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) improvements and staff training to implement the new system. Upgrading from manual to automated systems resulted in organizational efficiencies that allowed more time to accomplish its mission.
  • A growing organization with a history of community impact designed a comprehensive project with a professional consultant to guide its staff and board through a founder’s leadership transition.  The consultant mentored incoming leaders and facilitated a program of transition for continuity and institutional knowledge.
  • An emerging organization received funding for a consultant to facilitate its first-ever strategic planning process. The board identified five priority areas and created work groups around them. As a result, members felt energized and more connected to each other and the mission and vision of the organization.

At a Glance

Grant Amount $5,000 – $10,000
Application Deadlines Year-round
Proposals meet eligibility requirements and

  • Demonstrate a vision for organizational growth.
  • Clearly describe what will be different about the organization as a result of the capacity building project and how success will be measured.
  • Include realistic budgets that demonstrate comprehensive support for the project’s success.
  • Detail a plan that makes sense with the necessary financial and human resources for implementation.
  • Leaders take an active role and are guided by assessment, feedback, learning and improvement.
Application and Reporting
  • After reading guidelines, contact a Center for Nonprofit Excellence staff person before applying
  • Online application
  • Reporting also online
Decision Typically made within two months of receipt of a complete proposal.


  • 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, fiscally-sponsored organizations, and occasionally, other (unincorporated) public benefit organizations serving Monterey County residents.
  • Fiscal sponsors may submit applications for more than one sponsored group, as well as applications for their own organization.
  • Individual organizations within a collaborative applying for a grant may also apply for their own Organizational Development grant, as long as it is not for the same project as that of the collaborative.
  • Organizations may receive a Community Impact grant, Opportunity grant, and an Organizational Development grant in the same calendar year, as long as the grants are not for the same purpose.
  • Businesses and individuals are not eligible, with the exception of social enterprises associated with a local nonprofit.
  • Please contact us if your organization has not yet received its nonprofit status and plans to apply in conjunction with a fiscal sponsor.

All organizations applying for a grant must be current on reporting obligations for past CFMC grants.

Guidelines and Application

Before submitting your application for a grant:

  1. Review the Organizational Development Grant Guidelines
  2. Have a conversation with CNE staff (required)
  3. Review the list below of recent grants

Applications are accepted year-round and funding decisions are generally made within eight weeks of submitting an application.

  • Organizational Development grants range between $5,000 and $10,000
  • Decisions are typically made within two months of receipt of a complete proposal. Grants cannot pay for previously completed activities so please plan accordingly.

Please review the application questions, then review how to apply for a grant. Search this Nonprofit Consultant Directory for support in finding a consultant for your project.


The final report is due within one year of receiving a grant, consisting of a narrative evaluation in which you report how the grant was used, the impact it had on your organization and/or community, what you have learned, and your next steps.

Online Grants Manager

Recent Grants

Organization  Purpose Amount Awarded
Alliance on Aging Inc. Volunteer recruitment/engagement and organizational marketing $7,500
Carmel River Watershed Conservancy Strategic Planning $5,000
Healing and Reconciliation Institute Aligning organizational strategy with Indigenous peacemaking practices $8,000
Housing Resource Center of Monterey County Board orientation manual and fund development trainings $7,750
Kitchen Table Advisors Kitchen Table Advisors program evaluation $5,000
Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust Facilitated board retreat and three-year strategic plan (2024-2026) $8,000
Monterey County Symphony Association Professional development for board and staff $10,000
O’Neill Sea Odyssey Identifying values and vision to increase Board diversity and capacity $6,500
ParkIT! Strengthen Communications Infrastructure $6,000
Regeneration – Pajaro Valley Climate Action Facilitated retreat to deepen stakeholder engagement amid growth $5,600
Sunset Cultural Center, Inc Facilitated board/staff retreat to align with updated strategic goals $3,000
Valley Health Associates Board development and executive coaching $7,230
Ventana Wilderness Alliance Fund development plan and support for individual donor strategy $5,000