Organizational Development

Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) Grants support one-time activities that strengthen an organization’s ability to function effectively and efficiently.

Nonprofits and community based organizations in Monterey County are creative and resourceful. Through a boost from an Organizational Development (OD) grant, they have the opportunity to invest in the “behind the scenes” aspects of their work, strengthening the organization as a whole. OD grants are reviewed by our Center for Nonprofit Excellence staff. Projects fortify the inner workings of an organization and thereby promote success with other aspects of their work, such as strong community programs.

Amy Mascareñas

Nonprofits’ infrastructure is often overlooked by funders. Having the access to resources offered by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence to our organization and others is unique and invaluable. – Amy Mascareñas, El Pajaro CDC

At a Glance

Grant Amount $1,000 – $10,000
Application Deadlines Year-round
Scope and Characteristics
  • Projects address the internal workings and effectiveness of a nonprofit organization rather than programs
  • One-time activities that will make a significant difference in the way the organization works
  • Assumes organization will budget for similar activities in the future
  • Organizations can demonstrate a solid plan and readiness to make these changes
Application and Reporting
  • After reading guidelines, contact a Center for Nonprofit Excellence staff person before applying
  • Online application
  • Reporting also online (unless reporting on a 2014 grant)
Decision Usually within 2 months of receiving a complete application


  • 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, fiscally-sponsored organizations, and occasionally, other (unincorporated) public benefit organizations serving Monterey County residents.
  • Fiscal sponsors may submit applications for more than one sponsored group, as well as applications for their own organization.
  • Individual organizations within a collaborative applying for a grant may also apply for their own Organizational Development grant, as long as it is not for the same project as that of the collaborative.
  • Organizations may receive a Community Impact grant, Opportunity grant, and an Organizational Development grant in the same calendar year, as long as the grants are not for the same purpose.
  • Businesses and individuals are not eligible, with the exception of social enterprises associated with a local nonprofit.
  • Please contact us if your organization has not yet received its nonprofit status and plans to apply in conjunction with a fiscal sponsor.

All organizations applying for a grant must be current on reporting obligations for past CFMC grants.

Guidelines and Application

Before submitting your application for a grant:

  1. Review the Organizational Development Grant Guidelines
  2. Have a conversation with CNE staff (required)
  3. Review the list below of recent grants

Applications are accepted year-round and funding decisions are generally made within eight weeks of submitting an application.

  • Organizational Development grants range between $1,000 and $10,000
  • Review usually takes two months. Grants cannot pay for previously completed activities so please plan accordingly

Please review the application questions, then review how to apply for a grant. Search this Nonprofit Consultant Directory for support in finding a consultant for your project.


The final report is due within one year of receiving a grant, consisting of a narrative evaluation in which you report how the grant was used, the impact it had on your organization and/or community, what you have learned, and your next steps.

Online Grants Manager

Recent Grants

Big Sur Land Trust CRM transition $10,000
CASA of Monterey County Strenthen volunteer engagement and retention $7,500
Community Human Services Replace Customer Relations Management Software $5,902
Elkhorn Slough Foundation Planning study for Opportunity Fund Campaign $10,000
Gateway Center of Monterey Website development $5,000
Grower-Shipper Association Foundation Strategic Planning and Alignment Project $5,000
Harmony At Home Transition to Comprehensive Social and Emotional Supports Packages $10,000
Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services Enhanced data/evaluation system to measure impact and improve outcomes $10,000
Live Like Geno Foundation Public relations and marketing support $3,743
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Strategic planning, risk forecasting and management $8,000
Save Our Shores Rebuild marketing and communications capacity $10,000
Sol Treasures Facilitated strategic planning and board development $5,000
United Way Monterey County Develop marketing and communications capacity $3,323
YWCA Monterey County IT security and agency protection $10,000