Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) Resources

The Community Foundation for Monterey County has diversity, equity and inclusion as one of its core values. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence has compiled these resources to aid nonprofits in individuals in learning and taking action. This is a preliminary list and will be updated. Please contact if you have questions or suggested resources to share.

DEI Nonprofit Training Program Begins July 22 – Full
The Center for Nonprofit Excellence hosts a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training series for nonprofits beginning July 22 facilitated by NCBI Monterey County.

Action & Advocacy

Black Lives MatterAction and AdvocacyNational
Black/POC/LGBTQ+/Female Owned BusinessesAction and AdvocacyMonterey County
Campaign ZeroAction and AdvocacyNational
Center for Artistic ActivismAction and AdvocacyNational
Equal Justice InitiativeAction and AdvocacyNational
Movement for Black LivesAction and AdvocacyNational
NAACPAction and AdvocacyNational
NAACPAction and AdvocacyMonterey County
National Coalition Building Institute, Monterey CountyAction and AdvocacyMonterey County
Race ForwardAction and AdvocacyMonterey County
The Village ProjectAction and AdvocacyMonterey County

Organizational Development

BoardSource (Blog)Organizational DevelopmentNational
Chronicle of Philanthropy ArticleOrganizational DevelopmentNational
Mayeno ConsultingOrganizational DevelopmentNational
Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey CountyOrganizational DevelopmentMonterey County
Nonprofit Human ResourcesOrganizational DevelopmentNational
Nonprofit Quarterly ArticleOrganization DevelopmentNational
Othering and Belonging InstituteOrganizational DevelopmentNational

Personal Learning

Authentic Solidarity (Blog)Personal learningNational
Race ForwardPersonal learningNational
Racial Equity ToolsPersonal learningNational
Talking About RacePersonal LearningNational
Whites for Racial EquityPersonal learningMonterey County
21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building ChallengePersonal learningNational