Legacy Society

Legacy Society

How will you express your values, experiences and interests to the next generation? With thoughtful estate planning now, you can be assured your assets will be directed to the causes you care about most.

The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those who have named the Community Foundation for Monterey County in their estate plans, made the foundation the beneficiary of life-income gifts, or established an endowed fund. Members are invited to an annual appreciation lunch to celebrate the impact of legacy giving.

How it Works

  • You include the CFMC as a beneficiary of your will or trust to benefit the nonprofit(s) of your choice
  • You determine the type of fund you would like to establish
  • Your charitable gift is excluded from your assets for estate tax purposes
  • Your gift creates a legacy of your values, helping to do good work in Monterey County and beyond


  • Nancy and Bill Doolittle - Legacy GiftsWe feel very comfortable making legacy gifts to the Foundation knowing that it will be a good steward of our donations and will make grants that are relevant to the most pressing future needs. The long-term stability of nonprofits in Monterey County can be enhanced and secured with legacy donations. – Bill and Nancy Doolittle
  • nancy-ausonioIt’s all in place. It will continue after I’m gone. Just knowing you’re helping someone feels good. – Nancy Ausonio, CFMC fund holder, Legacy Society Member
  • jwendlandAs an individual without family heirs, it’s reassuring to know that even after my life, CFMC will be “Here for Good “ providing competent investment management and careful grantmaking so our assets can continue to support causes in the community we loved so much. – Jackie Wendland

Ways to Give

Become a Legacy Society Member

If you have already included the CFMC in your estate, please let us know so we may recognize your generosity. While we recognize those who have notified us of their plans, Legacy Society members may also choose to remain anonymous.


Leave a Legacy

If you are interested in becoming a Legacy Society member, please contact us or return the form below, so we can help you explore the many choices available. We will work with you and your professional advisor to create the best solution for you and lasting benefit for others.

Legacy Society Form

Legacy News

Read our Legacy news with stories of giving.

Legacy Society Members

Legacy Society Members

The following people have partnered with the Community Foundation for Monterey County to create their legacy and become Legacy Society members.:

  • Anonymous (7)
  • Mrs. Wilber K. Amonette*
  • Tonya and Rick* Antle
  • Yvonne A. Ascher and Leonard Laub
  • Nancy Ausonio
  • Tony Ayres
  • Daniel R. Baldwin and Anne Ylvisaker
  • Robert P. Balles
  • Nancy L. Bartell
  • Lisa Bennett and Robin White
  • John B. Bergin*
  • Paul P. Bianchi
  • Nancy Beltzer
  • Joyce Blevins and Katherine M. Coopman
  • James W. Bogart
  • Thomas Bohnen
  • Jay and Ann Brown
  • Julie A. Cason and Lisa K. Crawley
  • Joseph* and Betty Chaffers
  • Mishka Chudilowsky and Henry Azama
  • Mary J. Clapper
  • Arthur Connell*
  • Julie Conrad
  • Leland* and Gloria Dake
  • Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin
  • Robert N. Danzinger and Martha Drexler Lynn
  • Larry Davidson and Beverly Dekker-Davidson
  • Wallace F. and Lucille Davis*
  • Christine Dawson
  • Steve and Sona Dennis
  • Martin Dodd*
  • William and Nancy Doolittle
  • Julie Drezner
  • Stephen Eimer and Kevin Ann Cartwright
  • Frances H. Elgan*
  • Bertie Bialek Elliott
  • Norma Esselstyn
  • Lowel I. Figen*
  • Cyrus* and Jean* Fitton
  • Anne R. Fitzpatrick
  • Crawford E. and Linda P. Foy
  • Susie and Charly Franklin
  • Joan M. Franz
  • Joel S. and Dena Gambord
  • James and Jeri Gattis
  • Donald* and Frances Gaver
  • Lupe Gomez*
  • Rodney Guilfoil*
  • Terry Haber*
  • Ruth Hartmann
  • Peter C. Hatton
  • Virginia O. Hawes
  • Dick Hawkinson*
  • Thomas Hawley
  • Peter* and Jacqueline Henning
  • Joseph and Elizabeth Heston
  • Carol and Don Hilburn
  • Richard Hobley and Deborah Steel
  • Jeffrey and Amanda Holder
  • Jeanne S. Holmquist
  • Tom Hopkins
  • Robert and Millie House
  • Chris and Toula Hubbard
  • Kip and Jay Hudson
  • Vince Huth
  • Jack Jewett
  • Craig and Christine Johnson
  • Joanne Taylor Johnson
  • Mark and Susan Johnson
  • Colburn and Alana Jones
  • Joanne K. Juarez
  • Deborah Juran
  • Karen D. Kadushin
  • Mary Ann Kane
  • Rick and Martha Kennifer
  • Capt. Steven D. Kesselring and Jean M. Forrest
  • Alice V. Kinsler
  • Paul Lawrence* and Marion Buccafurni
  • Douglas C. Lee
  • Laurel Lee- Alexander
  • Jennifer Levey
  • David S. and Norma Lewis
  • Esther H. Lindsey
  • Robert H. Lindsey
  • Todd Lueders
  • Valera W. Lyles
  • Tom and Kathy Macdonald
  • John and Ann Mahoney
  • Jan and Tannie* Mandel
  • Roger and Carolann Manley
  • Michael and Tobi Marcus
  • Joseph A. and Sheila Mark
  • Dr. William McAfee
  • Jan McAlister
  • Sherrie McCullough
  • Terry A. McHenry and Joan Smith McHenry
  • Thomas D. Melville
  • Lenore Meyer*
  • Malcolm* and Joanne Millard
  • Patricia Monahan
  • Sidney Morris
  • Leslie Mulford
  • Tony and Lary Muller
  • Alec and Kim Murdock
  • David M. Nee
  • Vicki Nelson
  • Diane R. Nonella
  • F. Robert Nunes*
  • Alfred P. Oliverio
  • Charles Olvis and Miranda Morris
  • Mike and Mary Orradre
  • Nicholas M. and Nicollette Pasculli
  • Ken Petersen
  • John Phillips and June Dunbar Phillips
  • Gregory A. and Winoma Plaskett
  • Rex* and Joan Reade
  • Donna Hart Reid
  • Michael Reid and Bill Robnett
  • Paul Rochester*
  • Lee and Shirley Rosen
  • Jean Rudolph* The Lauralie Irvine Foundation
  • James C. Sanders*
  • John C. Sanders
  • Kenneth C. Schley
  • Steven Paul Schmidt
  • Maria Salazar Segovia
  • Carol Shade*
  • JeriAnn Shapiro
  • Connie Shelstad
  • Robert B. Sheppard*
  • Janet L. Shing
  • Sidney Sue Slade
  • Madison Smith*
  • Pamela D. Smith*
  • Charles* and Leslie Snorf
  • George Somero and Amy Anderson
  • David and Maryanne Spradling
  • Jean Stallings
  • Loren Steck and Annette Yee Steck
  • Judy Sulsona and Bill Rawson
  • Tom Sweeney
  • Robert and Leslie Taylor
  • Fredrick W. Terman and Nan Borreson
  • Shirley Thackara
  • Michael and Cindy Lee Thatcher
  • Brian Thayer
  • Peter and Anne* Thorp
  • Vincent and Evelyn* Torras
  • William H. and Susanne S. Tyler, III
  • Patricia Tynan-Chapman
  • William Umeki
  • James R. Valentine*
  • Robin Venuti and Joseph Rock
  • Arlene Wall
  • Jacqueline Wendland
  • Benjamin and Mary Ann Whitten
  • Nels P. and Jill Wiegand
  • Martin R. Wolf
  • Kenneth and Mary Wright
  • Richard Zahm


*In Memoriam


2020 Legacy Society Luncheon

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