Company Giving

We offer custom services to help your company plan, govern and operate your community philanthropy.

This company has been around for four generations and it’s always had a focus on philanthropy. We’re excited to build on what we’ve done in the past and take it to the next level through our partnership with the CFMC. –  Bill Mitchell, Carmel Realty Company

Company Donor Advised Funds

We can help develop a giving program tailored to your company’s interest areas and giving priorities. CFMC staff can also assist with the management of corporate foundations through customized philanthropic services. A company fund at the CFMC helps your business maximize impact through its giving.

Your giving can be highly customized. We can issue grants checks in your company name and create branded letterhead. Services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

How it Works

  • You create a fund by making a tax-deductible gift to the CFMC.
  • You give the fund the name of your choice.
  • We work with you to design a grantmaking strategy.
  • Choose from our menu of customized philanthropic support services.
  • You recommend grants to your favorite nonprofit organizations.
  • The CFMC issues the grant checks and maintains the records so you don’t have to.
  • You receive benefits including tax advantages, online access and personal philanthropic services.

Customized Philanthropic Services for Company Foundations

Private foundation services are completely customized and can include any combination of support from the menu below.

Grantmaking Consultation

  • Vision and strategy development – Help you create and implement a strategy for your philanthropy that will transform your values into goals and objectives

Grantmaking Support

  • Application process – Assist with the creation of proposal guidelines, identification of eligible organizations, promotion and distribution of RFPs
  • Selection support – Review and screen proposals as well as advise on selections and award amounts
  • Due diligence – Conduct local site visits (out of area site visits may incur extra fees), research past accomplishments, review financials and assess organization leadership
  • Research – Provide in-depth assessments of community needs as a means to help determine funding priorities
  • Reporting – Creation of requirements, monitoring compliance and performance, and collecting and reviewing reports

Administrative Services

  • Grant processing – Ease the burden that comes with administering grant agreements as well as the disbursement and tracking of grant funds (minimum $500 per grant)
  • Creation of a web page for your fund, press-release (optional) and listing in the CFMC newsletter and annual report
  • Quarterly fund statements with online access
  • Professional investment management as part of a $185 million portfolio, or use your trusted investment advisor with Donor Recommended Investment Management.

Donor Advised Funds for Corporate Foundations

For some foundations, a donor advised fund at the CFMC is a strong option. The CFMC offers many of the same benefits as a private foundation, plus increased flexibility, tax advantages and customized services to support your charitable vision.

Compare Donor Advised Funds to Corporate Foundations

Community Foundation
Donor Advised Fund
Corporate Foundation
Involvement, control, and family continuity
  • You make a gift to the CFMC and recommend grants to qualified nonprofit groups.
  • Can involve multiple generations
  • You appoint a board, which controls investments and grantmaking.
  • Can involve multiple generations
Tax status
  • Public charity
  • Benefits from CFMC’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status
  • Private charity
  • Apply to IRS for private foundation tax-exempt status
Tax deductions
  • Up to 50% on adjusted gross income on cash
  • Up to 30% on appreciated stock
  • Up to 30% on real estate and closely held stock
  • Up to 30% on adjusted gross income on cash
  • Up to 20% on appreciated stock
  • Up to 20% on real estate and closely held stock
Grantmaking support
  • Professional philanthropic services staff with local expertise
  • grantmaking  support
  • research
  • verification of nonprofit status
  • accounting  services
  • marketing
  • No minimum payout required
  • You must arrange and support your own grantmaking and monitoring structure
  • 5% annual minimum payout
Startup costs
  • None
  • Several thousand dollars for legal and accounting expenses and filing fees
Time frame
  • Immediate
  • Typically several months
Effective gift size
  • $10,000 minimum (non-endowed)
  • $25,000 minimum (endowed)
  • Typically millions of dollars
Administrative requirements
  • CFMC handles all administration and reporting.
  • Legal, accounting and federal filing fees. (Annual 990 tax form must be filed.)
  • All tax and financial information is private.
  • Donors may remain anonymous, if preferred.
  • Board and financial information is publicly available.
  • Pooled with $185 million portfolio
  • 8.4% return in since 2010
  • Invested as its own entity. Diversification is based on asset size.