Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds support specific areas of interest, such as the arts, environment or education, rather than an individual nonprofit organization. You can support any of our field of interest funds or choose to create one.

Joe and Shiela Mark

We feel strongly that these funds are indeed helpful, if not vital, to so many diverse needs of our regional community. We trust our gifts will be allocated effectively and put to beneficial use by each recipient. – Joe & Sheila Mark

Contribute to a Field of Interest Fund

  • Your gift is a simple and effective way to make a difference in the areas you care about most.
  • Our expert staff and board make grants to meet needs in the fund’s area of interest.
  • You can contribute cash, stock, real estate or complex assets in any amount.
  • It is a meaningful way to leave a legacy through an estate gift.

CFMC Field of Interest Funds

Todd Lueders Fund for the Arts

The Todd Lueders Fund for the Arts is a vehicle for those who wish to benefit the arts in Monterey County. This fund provides support to major arts organizations: Carmel Bach Festival, Carmel Music Society, Chamber Music Monterey Bay, Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey Symphony, Pacific Repertory Theatre, The Western Stage, Youth Music Monterey and the Arts Council for Monterey County. The Arts Council for Monterey County regrants a percentage to small and emerging arts organizations.

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Fund for the Environment

The Fund for the Environment supports organizations focused on environmental education. Priorities include programs that improve environmental quality. Gifts fuel grants that increase stewardship of Monterey County’s precious environmental assets and help preserve the beauty of our region.

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Fund for Homeless Women

The Fund for Homesless Women is made up of contributions from community members that share a deep concern for the plight of homeless women, particularly the many older, single women who are in danger every night and for whom few options for safety and secure housing exist.

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Fund for the 21st Century

The Fund for the 21st Century focuses on local needs in health, education and human services, assisting the most vulnerable in our communities. It has the ability to adapt to changing needs over time.

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Youth Fund

The Youth Fund supports education and youth development programs. This includes early childhood literacy, academic support and programs that promote character building and provide positive after school activities.

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Women's Fund

The Women’s Fund invests in women and girls now for a better future for us all. Grants are made in two major focus areas, the future of girls (including the Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands project) and women’s economic security.

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Out Reach Fund

The Out Reach Fund supports organizations that improve the quality of life for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) individuals. Its goals include: increasing public awareness and enhancing services of LGBTQ+-serving agencies.

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Create a Field of Interest Fund

  • Make a difference in a specific area of interest and simplify your giving.
  • Rely on our expertise and knowledge of changing community needs to make grants according to your area of interest.
  • Make a gift now or through your will to leave a legacy of giving.

How it Works

  • You establish the fund with an initial contribution (minimum $25,000) and receive tax benefits in the year the gift is made.
  • We create the fund in your name, the name of your family or business, or in honor of any person or organization you choose.
  • Our professional staff identifies organizations in your selected field of interest where the support will have the greatest impact and handles all administrative details
  • Grants are made in perpetuity in the name of the fund you establish. (If you prefer, grants can be made anonymously). Your gift is a permanent source of community capital, helping to do good work forever.