Nonprofit News

  1. 5 Tips To Organize Your Grant Proposal

    Preparing a strong grant proposal is like a team sport, where staff input, board approval, and proposal writers all come together to bring an application over the finish line. This can be challenging when important documents and data exist in different locations, files, or computers. Taking some time in advance to organize your game plan can help. Local consultant, Susan...

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  2. Social Media Tips from the Grassroots

    social media from the grassroots

    By Susie Polnaszek, Program Officer Center for Nonprofit Excellence of the Community Foundation for Monterey County Which comes first, the nonprofit or its social media presence? For Families of Color Monterey County, it’s a new world of nonprofit outreach, with social media eclipsing traditional methods of organizing, creating interest, and getting people involved. “Most people use Facebook these days or...

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  3. Engage Your Volunteers-Your Points of Light

    Christina Thurston

    One of the greatest challenges nonprofit organizations face is securing the resources needed to scale services. Time, space, expertise, technology and money are all in short supply. One of the greatest resources our community has to offer to meet these needs is the skills of volunteers. We are excited to bring an innovative curriculum to Monterey County to help nonprofits transform their...

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  4. President’s Blog: Challenging Johnson Amendment Repeal

    By Dan Baldwin, Community Foundation for Monterey County President/CEO There’s talk of doing away with the Johnson Amendment, a law that prohibits nonprofits, including churches, from endorsing political candidates. Divides Church and State, Clamps Partisan Endorsements In place since 1954, the Johnson Amendment has created a bright line in the separation of church and state. Ministers, and other religious leaders, are not...

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  5. Supporting & Coaching the Nonprofit Leader


     Photo: LEAD coach Jennifer Britton, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (l)  and Pearl Sanchez, LEAD alum from Turning Point of Central California (r) By Susie Polnaszek Community Foundation for Monterey County Program Officer, Center for Nonprofit Excellence. What does it take to thrive as a nonprofit leader today when there’s no shortage of challenge, stress, and uncertainty? Connecting with other executives can make a difference....

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  6. Business Experts Offer Free Consulting to Nonprofits

    Stanford Act Members 2017

    Can the Stanford Alumni Consulting Team (ACT) help your nonprofit? By Alex Lilley, Stanford ACT member since 2005 Stanford ACT is a team of seasoned business consultants who joined together to offer local nonprofit organizations pro bono consulting so they can better serve their communities. Stanford ACT was started by alumni of the Stanford Business School in 1987 and has been...

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  7. Strive Together, Bright Futures & Rise Up Monterey County

    Bright Futures Program

    By Janet Shing, Community Foundation for Monterey County Senior Program Officer “Strive Together” Conference Inspires As a steering partner for Bright Futures Monterey County, I recently had the opportunity to attend Strive Together‘s conference. The gathering was named “Rise Up,” in honor of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I cannot think of a more appropriate location for this conference than...

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