My Scholarship Story: Brandon Le

My Scholarship Story: Brandon Le

Brandon Le, a freshman at UCLA born and raised in Seaside, has always been fascinated by how things work. “I’m really interested in problem solving,” he told us. “Ever since I was a kid, I integrated myself into technology. I grew up liking electronics, and I always wanted to know: what’s behind all that?”

Brandon enrolled in challenging computer science and mathematics courses at UCLA – discrete mathematics, intro to computer organization, and Calculus III. He spoke to us about how the CFMC College Futures Scholarship has made an impact on his life as a student.

“I heard about the Community Foundation scholarships from my college counselor, Doreen Gray,” Brandon said. “The process of applying was really easy – I liked how it was accessible for people who are actually in need.”

With his demanding and tightly scheduled academic life, Brandon says he is really grateful for the additional support.

“Receiving the scholarship has made everything so much easier. It saves me time from having to work – I’m free to focus on my studies. The CFMC helps elevate low-income students pursuing higher education.”

Brandon’s passion for education is palpable. He graduated from high school already in possession of an Associate Degree from Monterey Peninsula College, and now he’s adjusting well to the rigors of UCLA. “I took 13 courses per semester in high school,” he told us. “I had the workload mindset already. Taking college courses in high school has helped me time-manage in college and have a strong mentality in doing my work.”

In addition to his courseload, Brandon is involved in computer science organizations, including Teach LA, which teaches computer science and expands opportunities for children. “We develop websites together, and interact with the kids to give everyone a chance to code.” In his free time, he enjoys designing websites from scratch. When asked if he uses website builders like WordPress or Squarespace, he recoils, laughing. “NO! Absolutely not. I do it all from scratch, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I think of what I want to make, and then I put all that into what I see on the screen.”

After university, Brandon aspires to found his own startup or take a position with a company doing frontend development. With his passion, intellect and talent, we are sure that he will continue to achieve great things!

The CFMC is proud to support Brandon and students like him. The CFMC manages 67 named scholarship funds that were established by individuals, families and businesses who recognize the value of education and want to create opportunities for local students. To learn more, visit