Making the World Better: Daphne and Stuart Wells

Making the World Better: Daphne and Stuart Wells

“She’s Brooklyn, I’m Bronx,” says Stuart Wells of his wife Daphne. Meeting as youth, they were “both shot by cupid’s arrow” at the same time and married after their first year of graduate school. They both deeply value education, having received free college tuition in New York state schools, and later became teachers themselves, each with a 36-year career.

Daphne studied education at Brooklyn College, received her Masters Degree in Education at NYU, and became a beloved preschool teacher at a SF Bay area school. Stuart was the first in his family to attend college. He graduated with a BA in engineering at CCNY, earned an MBA and PhD from Stanford and taught at the Lucas Graduate School of Business at San Jose State University, with many courses of his own creative design.

The couple resided in Boulder Creek for many years and had a second home in Monterey, moving here full time in 2020 after the CZU fires destroyed their home. Their appreciation for education inspired them to create the Daphne and Stuart Wells Scholarship Fund at the CFMC for Monterey County students interested in pursuing careers in public service. They are growing the fund with annual IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions and included the fund as part of their estate.

The Wells have generously supported many causes throughout the years and while updating their estate plans, Daphne asked, “Why wait until we’re gone? Why not give now too?” Stuart agreed, saying, “It’s easier to give money away than to spend it on yourself.”

They have a personal interest in art and music of all kinds, as well as a lifelong enjoyment of the outdoors. “We have an absolute belief that if children are exposed to arts, music and nature, it will matter,” explains Stuart.

We want to make the world better. We get to give to things we really value.” – Daphne Wells

The pair are creating a lasting legacy by including the CFMC in their estate plans, as well as leaving their home to the CFMC, to create endowed funds designated to the causes they care about.

Daphne sums it up by saying, “It gives us peace to know the funds will be well-managed over time to meet our wishes and support organizations we value.”