Carmel Gives Fund

Carmel Gives Fund

Carmel Gives

Carmel Gives is a fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County that was started upon the onset of COVID-19 challenges to assist individuals and organizations that were negatively impacted by the pandemic. More than just a fund, it is also a movement that develops and executes creative Win/Win programs that assist City Government, local businesses, and non-profits while providing significant benefits to the overall community and people in need, quickly and efficiently. Donated funds are many times leveraged by the use of matching grant challenges, selecting projects that are highly leverageable with other grants, and execution of projects with Carmel Cares Volunteers.

Carmel Gives was originally funded by Tim Allen in May, 2020 along with over 80 other donors. Since that time, Tim Allen Property’s 10 associate real estate team has donated 5% of every one of their real estate transaction commissions to the Fund, complementing other donations from others.

Dale Byrne, CarmelCare’s founder and Chief Caring Officer is also the Project Manager for CarmelGives. In that volunteer role, he researches, executes, and manages creative Win/Win opportunities that leverage Carmel Gives’ investments that make a difference in Carmel and surrounding communities.

We are here to help, and by pulling together as a community we will come out of this even stronger.”
– Tim Allen, Tim Allen Properties

Ways to Give

Those wishing to contribute can:

Donate Now

  • Mail a check payable to “Community Foundation for Monterey County” with “Carmel Gives Fund” in the memo line to: 2354 Garden Road, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Make a gift of stock. Please contact Christine Dawson or call 831.375.9712 x126 for instructions.
  • If you are a CFMC donor advisor, you can request a grant through Donor Central or contact your Philanthropic Services Officer to make a grant.
  • Call 831.375.9712 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Completed Projects – Since its founding in May, 2020

Carmel Gives has invested over $1.3 million in over 120 grants/projects including (Most recent first):

Project List

  • Grant to support the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society Visionaries of the Year Fundraiser.
  • Grant to the Community Foundation to assist families impacted by the flooding in Pajaro.
  • Grant to support operating expenses for the Fund for Homeless Women.
  • Yearly sponsor of PacRep’s productions at Forest Theater.
  • Platinum Sponsorship for the Gen Giammanco Foundation Fundraiser event.
  • Grant to the Natural Disaster Support Scholarship Fund which will allow it to be in perpetuity.
  • Sponsorship of the new Intern Program for the Carmel Youth Center.
  • Sponsorship of the Carmel Art Festival.
  • Grant to fund Rancho Cielo outdoor kitchen project.
  • Matching grant challenge grant for National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
  • Sponsorship for Monterey Firefighters Community Foundation fire engine logo space.
  • Challenge Grant for Harmony at Home for expanding their program to other communities
  • Sponsorship for Relay for Rachael.
  • Challenge Grant for outdoor garden/patio refresh at the Gateway Center.
  • Sponsor for AIDS/Lifecycle 2023 event.
  • Gold sponsorship of Carmel Foundations Philanthropic Foodie event.
  • Sponsorship of Carmel’s American Legion Post 512’s golf tournament.
  • Grant to Epic Experience to fund their cancer patient outings.
  • Sponsorship of American Institute of Architects House on the Central Coast lecture.
  • Grant to Boys & Girls Club to assist with replacement of carpet tiles in Salinas and Seaside facilities.
  • 2023 Carmel High School Sober Grad Night sponsorship.
  • Challenge grant for Boys & Girls Club College and Career Readiness Program.
  • Matching challenge grant for Boys & Girls Club Adopt a Family Program with Carl’s Junior Seaside.
  • Sponsorship for Carmel High School Film Club trip to Long Beach film competition.
  • Monterey Peninsula Theater grant for student program in performance in Vietnam.
  • Annual sponsorship of Monterey Firefighters 2023 events.
  • Matching grant for Del Rey Oaks basketball court project.
  • Sponsorship of Monterey Firefighters Community Foundation PTSD Workshop.
  • Follow up grant to Big Sur Marathon Foundation for Palo Corona Cross Country Course maintenance fund.
  • Living Breath Foundation golf tournament sponsorship.
  • Matching challenge grant to CASA.
  • Tatum’s Garden grant to fund playground in Carmel Valley.
  • Realogy Charitable Foundation grant for Florida Relief Fund.
  • Grant to Community Association of Big Sur.
  • MGA Scholar Cup fundraiser sponsorship.
  • Grant to Carmel Cares for Forest Theater Restoration.
  • Grant to Lacrosse the Bay.
  • Matching grant challenge to Housing Resource Center  .
  • Sponsorship of four junior golfers for Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association at MPCC.
  • Choreographer Fellowship sponsorship for Carmel Dance Festival.
  • Matching Grant for Carmel Foundation for acquisition of new lift system for their housing unit.
  • Matching grant challenge to Carmel River School PTA parents which resulted in achieving their 2023 budget.
  • Setup a significant startup matching fund situation with the Big Sur Marathon Foundation to fund a new cross country course at the former Rancho Canada Golf Course site. The Carmel Gives grant was matched by other organizations and the project was completed in June, 2022, just 4 months after making the grant.
  • Provided seed money and project management to start the Clean Air Verified program for Carmel restaurants. Other grants funded the first year contracts for 25 restaurants.
  • Funded new band instruments for the Seaside High School drum line.
  • Provided matching funds to the Monterey Food Bank to allow them to assist their target nonprofits to have safe food handling processes and equipment.
  • Provided funds for several youth lacrosse organizations throughout California and Nevada.
  • Provided multiple grants to Dentistry4Vets.
  • Provided multiple grants to the 2022 Carmel High School Sober Grad night program.
  • Provided grant to Padre Parents to support programs for teachers.
  • Funded local Carmel restaurants to make over 4.000 nutritious meals for the Carmel Unified School District which distributed them to families in need.
  • Acquired two rounds of 200 $50 gift cards from local restaurants that were distributed by the Monterey Fire Department to families displaced by recent fires.
  • Donated to Big Sur fund for fire fighters injured in the Dolan Fire.
  • Funded out of work local seamstresses making 3,000 high quality Made in Carmel facemasks and distributed them for free through 20 local businesses.
  • Donated to the Weston Call Fund for Big Sur to assist with the Dolan Fire situation.
  • Acquired badly needed electric landscaping tools for the City of Carmel.
  • Acquired and installed a new roll-up door for the Forest Theater snack bar.
  • Refreshed the Forest Theater seating area and landscaping to prepare it for operation during COVID and protect it from deterioration.
  • Acquired a John Deere Gator utility vehicle with 100 gallon electric-powered water tank to allow City workers and volunteers to water plants and trees using the City’s free non-potable water supply.
  • Funded a local designer to produce a safer and more attractive parklet design for local restaurants.
  • Helped to fund social distancing/mask banners down Ocean Avenue.
  • Donated multiple years to Rancho Cielo to buy veggie boxes that were distributed to Boys & Girls Club families, the Carmel Foundation, first responders and City team members.
  • Funded the acquisition of 300 pumpkins from a Farmer’s Market vendor so that the City of Carmel’s Community Activities Commission could execute their “Pumpkins on Parade” event for the entire community.
  • Funded a lobby remodel project for the Carmel Youth Center
  • Funded the 2022 Carmel Art Festival.
  • Funded a modern dance ensemble for the Carmel Dance Festival.
  • Funded a Randy Tunnell photographic exhibit featuring Carmel’s Bohemian Artists
  • Provided significant funding to support .
  • Funded local seamstresses making 2,000 cloth facemasks using cloth donated by CRA members.
  • Acquired $15,000 in Carmel restaurant gift cards that were distributed by Monterey Fire to families displaced by fires.
  • Invested in 20 Carmel restaurants making over 7.000 high quality meals for 20 Peninsula nonprofits. This was a lifesaver for many COVID-impacted restaurants and the assisted nonprofits.
  • Provided significant funding the the Carmel Chamber through payments made to them as a Fiscal Sponsor of Carmel Gives projects.
  • Provided funding for hand sanitizer given to farm worker families in Salinas.
  • Funded scholarships for Carmel Chamber’s Leadership program.
  • Sponsored Social Distancing Posters down Ocean Avenue.
  • Acquired landscaping tools for Carmel’s Public Works Department.
  • Acquired 5 commercial power tool kits for Carmel’s Public Works Department.
  • Donation to Weston Call Fund for Big Sur for fire relief.
  • Funded two CERT training programs for existing Carmel-by-the-Sea and new Carmel Valley CERT teams.
  • Funded acquisition of radios and other equipment for Carmel CERT teams
  • Funded acquisition of 15 iPhone 12’s for Carmel’s Police Department
  • Acquired a sidewalk scrubbing machine for the City of Carmel.
  • Issued grants to Carmel Cares for programs to restore Scenic Pathway, Devendorf Park, and Forest Theater.
  • Grant to Community Association of Big Sur for the Big Sur Dolan Fire Relief Fund for Firefighters.
  • Funded 2020 pumpkin role.
  • Funded purchase of artificial Christmas tree for Sunset Center.
  • Provided grant to Boys & Girls Club to help fund large room divider.
  • Acquired two different size drain cleaning devices for the City of Carmel
  • Partnered with the CRA to fund electric service to CERT container
  • Donation to The Living Breath Foundation.
  • Donation to All Saints Day School.
  • Donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  • Grant to fund improvements to the Carmel Foundation outdoor patio areas, including an outdoor seating area for meals, pergola, and meeting area.
  • Grant to fund improvements to Carmel Foundation library room.
  • Grant to fund improvements to remaining outdoor patio areas including beautiful pollinator-friendly graden and multiple fountains
  • Sponsored opening weekend of PacRep/Forest Theater Guild films.
  • Sponsored 501(c)3 application and marketing expenses for Community Builders of Monterey County.
  • Sponsored youth tickets for Monterey Symphony events in 2021 and 2022.
  • Funded Active Shooter Response Packages for the Monterey Sheriff’s Advisory Council.
  • Donated to Trinity Christian High School in 2021 and 2022.
  • Grant to AIM Youth for Mental Health to support rapid expansion of their support for Monterey County teens.
  • Grant to Housing Resource Center
  • Grant to Gathering for Women
  • Grant to Community Human Services to sponsor outdoor patio space for Shuman House.
  • Matching fund donation to boys & Girls Club for Adopt-a-Family program.
  • Grant to Big Sur Park School.
  • Grant to Bob Hoover Academy for facility improvements.
  • Grant to Rancho Cielo for General Support
  • Grant to National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.
  • Grant to Carmel Youth Center Mural for Park Branch Library Project.
  • Donation to Red Cross Ukraine Relief Fund.
  • Grant to Monterey County Surfers Foundation for sponsoring family outings on Monterey Bay with the Salinas Surf Club.
  • Donation to Arts Council for Monterey County for Bronze Sponsorship of 40h Anniversary Gala.
  • Sponsorship of PacRep’s Forest Theater Grand Opening. Performance
  • Donation to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation.
  • Significant funding to Boys & Girls Club Fund-a-Future program.
  • Significant funding to All Saints Day School for their Imagine Campaign.
  • Grant to Nevada 4H Camp Operations.
  • Grant to Epic Experience’s Beyond Cancer activities
  • Grant to Sand City Volleyball Club for National Tournament Expenses.
  • Grant to Meals on Wheels of Monterey Peninsula.
  • Grant to Max’s Helping Paws to fund video production and matching fund promotion.
  • Grant to Fund for Homeless Women for general operating expenses
  • Grant to Boys & Girls Club for New Vehicle Fund and summer camp scholarships
  • Funded Carmel restaurants to buy 100 meals for Boys & Girls Club families.
  • Funded Carmel restaurants to buy meals for Boys & Girls Club Students of the Year program.
  • Sponsorship for CASA golf tournament.
  • Matching grant challenge to CASA.

We are in the planning stages for other grants for:

  • Salinas-based Mission Park Elementary School for outdoor classroom and native plant garden.
  • Program to support Monterey County youth organizations to interface with Carmel Foundation seniors.
  • New College Pathways Scholarship program for Carmel Youth Center and Boys & Girls Club.

Carmel Gives is a donor advised fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County established by Tim Allen Realtors. It is not related to Monterey County Gives!, the year-end campaign of the Community Foundation for Monterey County, Monterey County Weekly and Monterey Peninsula Foundation.