The Women's Fund

When a woman thrives, her family thrives.
When a family thrives, the community thrives.

About the Women's Fund

Women's Fund Breakfast2013The Women's Fund invests in women and girls now to create a better future for us all. We bring people together, identify priorities, and make grants to generate change.

The Women’s Fund is part of a global movement, one of 160+ organizations in the Women’s Funding Network. Together, we are transforming the lives of women and girls and making a difference in their communities.

Women's Fund Endowment Reaches $1.5 Million

Endowment Chair Tonya Antle announced at the 2015 Women's Fund Luncheon that the Endowment had reached its initial $1.5 million goal. Contributions are welcomed to continue to grow the endowment to support grantmaking forever.  Read more 

Impact - More than $900,000 Awarded

Since 2007, more than $900,000 has been granted to organizations improving the lives of women and girls in Monterey County. Women's Fund Grantmaking

Changing Lives of Women & Girls

Thank you to Diane Danvers Simmons of Own It, Feel It, Live It and the team at Modern Motion FIlms for creating this video to help tell the story of the Women's Fund impact on the lives of women and girls in Monterey County.

Save the Date! Bubbles & Bags - November 8, 2015

2014 Sponsors

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Girls' Health in Girls' Hands Initiative - Investing in the Future of Girls 

Resources & Research

The Women's Fund commissioned research on the Lives of Women & Girls in Monterey County to determine the most pressing needs of women and girls in our region.


With your support, we will continue to make a difference today, while building the endowment to meet the challenges of the future.


Why Stop Here?

Women's Fund endowment chair, Tonya Antle, shares the power of investing in women and girls and challenges us to ask ourselves, "Why Stop Here?" Although the needs of women and girls in Monterey County will shift over time, the need to invest in them will remain constant. The Women's Fund insures that there are permanent resources to meet those changing needs. A percentage of the fund’s value is available to grant each year while the principal remains intact and is invested, enabling the fund to make grants in perpetuity. We invite you to partner with us. For more information, please contact Dan Baldwin, President/CEO or Christine Dawson, Director of Resource Development. at 831.375.9712.

Women's Fund Lunch 2015