Fund for Homeless Women

Fund for Homeless Women

The Fund for Homeless Women is a field of interest fund of the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) established to support programs and services for homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula.

The Fund for Homeless Women supports programs and services for homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula. In its initial years, the Fund supported both emergency assistance (e.g., temporary motel lodging, transportation expenses, laundry, etc.) and innovative ideas that expanded temporary and permanent housing options and case management services. Review the current grant guidelines for more information.

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  • Grants are open to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations and public agencies.
  • Only one grant application per organization will be considered. Fiscal sponsors may submit more than one application for different sponsored groups and one for their own organization.
  • Only proposals serving homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula will be accepted.

What grant funds will support

  • Planning and start-up costs for new programs or expansion of existing programs to fill a gap or support a new approach. Consideration will be given to operating costs for existing programs where a small amount of funding can make a difference.
  • Personnel expenses that relate to specific program goals; equipment, materials or facilities costs that directly benefit participants or are an identifiable part of the proposed project.
  • For emergency assistance small grants to nonprofits, funding will support only direct assistance to homeless women, such as hotel vouchers or personal care expenses.

What grant funds CANNOT support

  • Religious organizations that exclude services based on religious beliefs or promote a religious doctrine.
  • Funding to schools and public agencies that would supplant tax-supported, mandated services.
  • Expenses incurred prior to the grant award date

Guidelines and Application

The Fund for Homeless Women seeks proposals from nonprofit organizations that address one or more of the following grantmaking priorities:

  • Small grants for emergency assistance: up to $5,000 to support emergency shelter, transportation, and personal care for homeless women.
  • Support for innovative ideas that expand emergency/temporary shelter, permanent housing options and/or case management services: $10,000 to $50,000 for initiatives designed to provide emergency/temporary shelter, permanent housing, day programs, or case management services for homeless women.

The fund does not provide direct assistance to individuals. Please see recent grants below for organizations providing assistance.

Please review the Fund for Homeless Women Grant Guidelines and view the Application Questions.


Applications are due by 5:00PM,  on the first Friday in October and grant decisions are announced in December.


For larger grants that increase access to shelter, grant applications will be expected to provide a clear plan describing how program goals and activities will monitor and measure success. If a grant is received, a final report will be due in a year after receiving the grant that articulates how the grant was used, a description of activities and people who benefitted, and what was learned.

Recent Grants

Interim, Inc. $15,000 temporary housing for women with mental illnesses on the Monterey Peninsula while permanent housing is sought through the MCHOME program
Community Homeless Solutions $40,000 six months housing and case management for homeless women on the Monterey Peninsula through the Women in Transition program
Pass The Word Ministry, Inc. $25,000 expanded One Starfish Safe Parking program to seven sites for safety monitoring and case management
Gathering for Women-Monterey $55,000 case management, emergency assistance and staff/volunteer training
Outreach Unlimited $30,000 I-HELP (temporary shelter) for women on the Monterey Peninsula
Housing Resource Center of Monterey County $90,000 new Saving Our Seniors program to provide permanent housing for five women and 80 nights of temporary lodging
Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula $2,000 emergency assistance for homeless women, e.g., transportation, car repair, lodging