Quarterly Conversations, Sharing Solutions

By Kaki Rusmore, Director, Center for Nonprofit Excellence of the Community Foundation for Monterey County Quarterly Conversations are opportunities to address topics not usually discussed in nonprofit forums. In March 2019, we gathered to discuss “Engaging Who We Serve to Create Solutions”. Anyone from the nonprofit community is invited to join us at the next discussion on June 20, 2019:...

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Quarterly Discussion: Exploring Big Ideas for Local Impact

Topic: Engaging Who We Serve to Create Solutions Overview Working in local nonprofits, how often to do we get a chance to think beyond today’s pressing details and look at trends in our field, big issues that affect us, or new ways of looking at our work? Never? Only if we go off to a conference somewhere? How about here...

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Learning and Improvement: Launching the Nonprofit Survey

Nonprofit Survey

By Kaki Rusmore, Director Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) “Building healthy, safe, vibrant and inclusive communities…” That’s what local nonprofit organizations do, and it’s a big job. The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) exists to support and strengthen that critical work, and we are always learning more about how to do it. One way to learn is to pause, listen...

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Turning Your Ideas into Learning Opportunities

CNE Collaboration Michelle Slade

Earlier in the year, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence asked for your ideas through a survey and an in-person focus group.  We got great ideas, including some that are very different than what we’ve done in the past. While we received many suggestions, some trends include: Looking for other ways to support nonprofits, beyond workshops. (See our new program for...

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