Community Engagement for Stronger Nonprofits

This event is offered by Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County NAMC. Visit their website for full details and to register. Cost: $15 for current NAMC members; $25 for nonmembers. Come hear from NAMC’s panel of nonprofits that have worked with the people they serve to make changes at the city, county and state level that improve the lives of all...

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President’s Blog – Philanthropy: Finding Common Ground

By Dan Baldwin, President/CEO Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) A Rough Year I imagine I’m just one of many who are trying make sense of 2017. Despite one’s political perspective, this has been a strange and at times difficult year. The constant churn in the news cycle, and the unsettling events we see and hear, has made it difficult...

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President’s Blog-(Un)Affordable Housing

By Dan Baldwin, Community Foundation for Monterey County President & Chief Executive Officer We think of housing as an inalienable right. We get up. Work. Go home to a house or apartment we might own or rent. Whatever we can afford. For many folks in Monterey County, it’s not that simple. The unfortunate reality in many parts of California, and certainly...

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8 Things You Can Do Now to Empower Women & Girls

Women's Fund Lunch

By Tracy Gary, Author “Inspired Philanthropy,” 2017 Women’s Fund Luncheon Keynote Speaker  Keep Marching, Giving Together We are awake as never before. It is, as has been said, “the best of times (for some) and the worst of times” for others. Let’s be here for those that need it and lift all while shaping the world we want. We stand on the...

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Fund for Homeless Women – 5 Years Strong

Holding Hands

Fund for Homeless Women – Shelter, Safety, Community By The Rev. Michael Reid, Guest Blogger In the Fall of 2011, while in my office at St. Mary’s By the Sea Episcopal Church, I received a letter from a woman asking for help. She said that she had been homeless and was surprised to find so many other women like her...

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President’s Blog: Challenging Johnson Amendment Repeal

By Dan Baldwin, Community Foundation for Monterey County President/CEO There’s talk of doing away with the Johnson Amendment, a law that prohibits nonprofits, including churches, from endorsing political candidates. Divides Church and State, Clamps Partisan Endorsements In place since 1954, the Johnson Amendment has created a bright line in the separation of church and state. Ministers, and other religious leaders, are not...

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Strive Together, Bright Futures & Rise Up Monterey County

Bright Futures Program

By Janet Shing, Community Foundation for Monterey County Senior Program Officer “Strive Together” Conference Inspires As a steering partner for Bright Futures Monterey County, I recently had the opportunity to attend Strive Together‘s conference. The gathering was named “Rise Up,” in honor of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I cannot think of a more appropriate location for this conference than...

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