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Turning Your Ideas into Learning Opportunities

CNE Collaboration Michelle Slade

Earlier in the year, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence asked for your ideas through a survey and an in-person focus group.  We got great ideas, including some that are very different than what we’ve done in the past. While we received many suggestions, some trends include: Looking for other ways to support nonprofits, beyond workshops. (See our new program for...

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Education – the Pathway to Success for Women & Girls


The Challenge Women in Monterey County are sorely lacking in high school diplomas, and more. Surina Khan, CEO of the Women’s Foundation of California reported in her keynote speech at the Community Foundation for Monterey’s Women’s Fund Lunch May 5 at the Hyatt Regency Monterey. “Monterey County has a devastatingly low high school graduation rate – 27 percent of women do...

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President’s Blog – Politics & Philanthropy


It’s been the craziest primary season anyone can remember. Candidates vying to become POTUS while a scrum continues over a nomination to SCOTUS. Angry.  Disenfranchised. Establishment. We endure these words on a daily basis. It dominates the air waves, family discussions, book clubs, golf talk, water coolers, you name it. Generosity – the Common Denominator Somehow, philanthropy maintains its calming place in the eye of...

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Nonprofit Resources & Toolkits

The arrival of spring brings more daylight hours, but not more hours in the day. Time spent frantically searching for a template to revise your bylaws or a sample calendar to guide your communications plan can mean time not spent delivering programs or meeting your mission. The good news is that templates, guides and other helpful resources are just a few...

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Comparing Financial Aid Award Letters

You’ve applied to college, submitted your FAFSA and Cal grant Applications, received your Student Aid Report, been accepted to one or more colleges, and now have financial aid award letters to compare. Understanding your financial aid award letters is critical to comparing the costs of attending different colleges. Understanding your financial aid award letters is critical to comparing the costs...

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Inside Grants and Programs – “Grantmaking Plus”

Everything we do at the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) is connected to our mission: “to inspire philanthropy and be a catalyst for strengthening communities throughout Monterey County.” – Laurel Lee-Alexander,  CFMC Vice President Grants & Programs Strengthening Nonprofits What does that mean to the Grants and Programs team? In a nutshell, by strengthening the nonprofit sector, we strengthen communities. ...

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Fueling the Potential of Women & Girls

2015 Women’s Fund Luncheon

Improving Women’s Well-Being in Monterey County Just how are women in Monterey County faring when it comes to key well-being factors such as health, personal safety, earning rates and political empowerment? Monterey County is ranked #38 out of the California’s 58 counties, according to the California Budget & Policy Center’s “California Women’s Well-Being Index” report released March 29, 2016. “The California...

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