Meeting the Moment – 2020 Annual Report

Meeting the Moment – 2020 Annual Report

Every household in Monterey County faced challenges in 2020. And so did every business, government, entity, school and nonprofit. We’re very proud of what the CFMC accomplished in 2020. Record gifts and grants. Leadership. All accomplished while the CFMC also worked remotely. We’re here for good. We’re here for you. We’re here to do our best to meet the moment.” – Dan Baldwin

We are proud to share with you our 2020 Annual Report. It is 44 pages of inspiration, compelling stories showing the work the CFMC was able to accomplish with the support of our donors and nonprofit partners.

From the COVID-19 Relief Fund and three fire funds, to stories of grantee impact and donor profiles it is a look back at the bright spots in a year like no other. Thank you for helping create healthy, save, vibrant communities throughout Monterey County.

2020 Annual Report

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CFMC 2020 Annual Report (PDF)