Donor Advised Fund Enhances Philanthropy

Donor Advised Fund Enhances Philanthropy

Investing in the Community – Kevin Cartwright & Steve Eimer

Kevin Cartwright and her husband Steve Eimer have long been investors in our community. They began working with the CFMC after a good year financially, and created the Eimer/Cartwright donor advised fund which eased their tax situation. “We had been aware of the Foundation’s great reputation,” said Kevin, “and after learning how CFMC works with both donor advisors and nonprofit groups, we were quick to partner with them.”

The flexibility for donors is absolutely game changing.”  – Kevin Cartwright and Stephen Eimer


On learning last year that their endowed fund could be converted to a non-endowed one, Kevin raved, “We were excited that we could make a bigger impact with this format—and that it’s so user-friendly.” They regularly support music, education, youth and women’s programs and appreciate receiving updates from staff on potential grantees. “We’ve learned a lot, which has allowed us to invest in organizations we hadn’t known about before,” said Steve.

Community Knowledge

Kevin noted that CFMC has become a very proactive force in the county, saying, “We saw the Food Bank fire on TV and talked about helping. Two hours later we had an email from Dan (Baldwin, CFMC President/CEO), detailing how we could be part of the Foundation’s lead commitment to get them back in operation.” Noting that CFMC is “uniquely positioned to be a clearinghouse of knowledge” about needs throughout the county.

 The Community Foundation does a huge service to both donors and nonprofits and continues to get better and better.”

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