Composing A Legacy – Marty Wolf

Composing A Legacy – Marty Wolf

The hustle and bustle of business created the drumbeat for Marty Wolf’s life. He easily racked up more than 65,000 miles a year on the road at the helm of a national marketing buying group he founded. But throughout his life, music has been a constant.

“My mother was a violinist and I took up piano when I was about six. By the age of 13 I could play by ear,” said Marty, whose gigs while a Willamette University College of Law student helped earn a few extra dollars and cemented enduring friendships. His interest in philanthropy was sparked by desire to give back to his law school where he serves on the leadership cabinet and funded student scholarships.

Charitable Gift Annuity – Income Today, Grants Tomorrow

Marty and Francesca WolfNow, by partnering with the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC), Wolf and his wife Francesca are seeing to it that others can delight in the gift of music. Wolf established a charitable gift annuity (CGA) at the CFMC that will offer them guaranteed income over their lifetimes, and support jazz and classical musical education and performance in the future. “With the CGA, I know that Francesca will be taken care of,” said Wolf.

MartyandFrancescaWolf2018HeadshotWe receive income from our CGA for life, and are confident the Community Foundation will carry out our charitable legacy in the future. – Marty Wolf

He has also created the Martin R. Wolf Family Fund, a CFMC donor advised fund, from which they can make grants now to support programs and agencies they care about.

It’s good to know that the Community Foundation has longevity and a good track record so that we can be assured that there will be continuity and oversight,” said Wolf.

Spreading the Joy of Music

Mary Wolf at the PianoA Vancouver, Washington native, Wolf moved to the Monterey Peninsula after the sale of his business in 1991, and has been consulting ever since. Now that Wolf is semi-retired (he’s tried twice before), his love of music inspired him to think about how he could support musical programming to give others the joy it has given him.

As Marty attempts retirement again, he’s settled into immersing himself in his music. He recorded a CD playing his beloved Bosendorfer Grand piano – one of the world’s largest pianos. (The CD is for his daughter, Stephanie, and four grandchildren to enjoy). He sits on the Monterey County Symphony Board of Directors where he enjoys serving on a committee to select music for upcoming concerts which he gleefully says will be heavily represented by piano pieces.

By partnering with the CFMC, Wolf is crafting a legacy that will see to it that others will be able to hear the music too.