Joel and Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation

Service Dogs for those in need – working to reduce the wait

Dena and Joel Gambord

Dena & Joel Gambord

The Joel and Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation at the Community Foundation for Monterey County was founded on the mission of reducing the wait time for individuals in need of a service dog. The Joel and Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation fulfills its mission by supporting qualified organizations within California that address the goal of training and placing fully trained service dogs from one or more of the following modalities:

  • Service dog programs, including mobility assistance, visual, hearing assistance, seizure, autism, epilepsy, and other medical alert dogs
  • Canine search and rescue programs
  • Disease detection/alerting dogs
  • Psychiatric service dogs (PTSD, CPTSD, TBI)

Did you know….

earlyalertcanineAn individual in need of a service dog waits an average of 3-5 years before receiving a fully trained service dog? For most people, that’s too long and their lives suffer because of it. The Joel & Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation seeks to lessen that wait time by granting financial support to worthy service dog training organizations. As a result, those organizations are able to produce more quality trained service dogs and thus, reduce the wait time for the individuals in need.

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Guidelines and Application

2016 Gambord Charitable Foundation Grant Guidelines


Proposals are by invitation only

Important Dates

Grant Proposal Due: Fall 2016
Grant Decisions Made: December
Interim Report due: Six Months after Grant Date
Final Evaluation Report Due: October 31, 2015 for 2014 grants; Fall 2016 for 2015 grants


The Joel and Dena Gambord Charitable Foundation makes a commitment to stay actively connected to each recipient organization we select through continual in-person follow up, in hopes of forming a personal, lasting relationship with each group.

Grant recipients will be expected to submit a six month interim report as well as a final report on the use of funding and whether the grants objectives were achieved. Additionally, recipients of the dogs, when possible, will be expected to complete a confidential questionnaire about their experiences with the dog. 

Recent Grants

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