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Building Healthy CommunitiesOverview

In 2010, The California Endowment embarks on a new, 10-year strategic initiative, Building Healthy Communities, with the goal of supporting neighborhoods where kids and youth are healthy, safe and ready to learn. The California Endowment recently identified fourteen communities throughout California with which they will partner with to achieve the goals outlined in this 10-year strategic investment. Among the fourteen communities is our own East Salinas (Alisal).

Pride & Commitment

In selecting East Salinas, the Endowment focused on the vibrancy of the neighborhoods and the serious social and economic challenges that are balanced by a growing sense of community pride and a desire to improve the social and economic conditions of the families. This sense of pride and the strong commitment by political leadership to improving the conditions within Alisal make this a community poised for change.


Though this community has the fifth highest number of uninsured residents in the state, the level of opportunity within this region far outweighs the challenges, making it an ideal candidate to reinvent itself as a healthy community.

Community Plan

The first step in this initiative is the development of a community plan for addressing the 10 initiative goals identified by The California Endowment. Each of the 14 communities was asked to select a local agency to facilitate the planning process. The Community Foundation feels proud and humbled at having been selected to play this important role. Ten months of intensive work by East Salinas residents, youth leaders, service providers and supporters created a vision and plan for a healthy future. The plan was presented to the community and The Calfornia Endowment on April 7, 2010.

Community Plan (English)     

Community Data Profile, A Living Document

Download the Data Profile here. Please help up collect and make available current data about East Salinas (Alisal). The Community Data Profile provides key data about individuals and families in that community, organized by the key outcomes of the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. For each outcome, we have identified relevant data that we have and other data that we would like to incorporate as it becomes available. If your agency has data to contribute, please e-mail it to Larry Imwalle at the Action Council.

On May 1, 2010 an ongoing collaborative was formed to oversee the plan and work with The California Endowment in making East Salinas a healthy, vital neighborhood that supports local families and youth now and for years to come. The three organizations serving as the host agency team are: the Second Chance Youth Program, the Alisal Family Resource Center, and the Action Council.
For more information, visit the East Salinas page on The California Endowment website. To sign up for the BHC enewsletter or to be involved in the process, please contact:

Brian K. Contreras, Executive Director
2nd Chance Family & Youth Services
P.O. Box 1999
Salinas, CA 93902
831.758.2501 / Fax 831.758.6357