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In 2009, the median income for local full-time working women was 13.5% less than that of men. v Over two-thirds of Monterey County women who work full time earned less than $50,000 annually. (Source: American Community Survey, 2009)






Source:American Community Survey, 2009


Of all of Monterey County’s women and girls, one in seven (14.2%) lives below the federal poverty level (e.g., earning less than $ 22,050 per year to support a family of four). That rate is nearly doubled for girls under age 18 (30.8%) and for single mothers (30.6%).

While these figures show a slight improvement in recent years, poverty remains a pervasive problem for local women and girls, affecting not only their present qualify of life, but also their prospects for the future.
(Source: American Community Survey, 2009)