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Creative Monterey County Action Plan Update

California Arts Council Chair, Malissa Shriver at Creative Monterey County Arts Summit, September 2010

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 “The arts are instrumental in giving our lives special meaning and great joy, stimulating our economy, and bridging complex cultural divides.” Paulette Lynch

The Todd Lueders Fund for the Arts is a permanent endowment created to provide long-term, ongoing support for the arts in Monterey County. It is also a flexible, future-oriented vehicle for donors with broad cultural interests who wish to make a planned or testamentary gift to benefit the arts. A portion of the Fund’s annual payout is distributed to the Arts Council for Monterey County to supplement their re-granting program to small and emerging arts agencies. Seven core arts agencies receive the majority of the Fund’s annual grants.

  • Pacific Repertory Theatre
  • The Western Stage
  • Carmel Music Society
  • Carmel Bach Festival
  • Monterey Symphony
  • Youth Music Monterey
  • Monterey Museum of Art

As the market value of the Fund grows, the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors will select and designate additional beneficiary agencies.

The Community Foundation is committed to supporting the arts in Monterey County and are proud to be partnering with The James Irvine Foundation and their Communities Advancing the Arts Initiative.

Why should you support the arts?

Because it feels good!  Art is amazing, inspiring, and powerful – it touches lives for the better.

And it does good!  Art fuels our economy, develops children’s self esteem, and brings people together. The local arts community contributes jobs, advances tourism and nurtures creativity. The arts also provide educational benefits by enhancing learning and boosting success. And the arts help build a sense of community by creating social connections, increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding, and promoting civic engagement.

The time is now!  State art funding has been slashed 98% to just 3 cents per person, and ticket sales cover just part of the cost of exhibits and performances.

Today, more than ever, your support is vital to the arts.

For more information please contact President/CEO,  Dan Baldwin or call 831.375.9712 x115.

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