Grant Opportunities

Women’s Fund grants focus on two interconnected goals: advancing economic security  for women and investing in the future and power for girls.  The plan is based on the CFMC sponsored research available on this website. The Lives of Women and Girls in Monterey County Highlights Report features many of the challenges and most pressing needs for women in our region.  This report set the groundwork for the fund’s grantmaking priorities.

Advancing Women's Economic Security: What's Ahead?

WomanwithPlantsWe know that poverty and low levels of educational attainment are interconnected.  We also know that educational and skills training are key to breaking the cycle of poverty.  Since 2011, the Women’s Fund has awarded $160,000 to nonprofit organizations for projects that support women on their path to pursing educational and self-sufficiency goals. Through this experience, we have learned a lot about what works, and about how much more is needed.

In August 2013 we formed a working group to help the Women’s Fund advance economic opportunity for women in Monterey County. The question we asked is “how do we move the needle so more women and children are economically secure?” We’ve studied the data for women in poverty, listened to women and service providers and explored best practices. Based on these findings, we are now in the beginning stages of organizing a collaborative, countywide initiative that will help women move out of poverty and into better paying jobs. Our goal is to increase women's through access to education, skills training and support services (child-care, financial literacy, mentoring, etc.). The Women’s Fund expects to announce funding plans and collaborative partners for a Women's Economic Security the initiative in 2014.

Girls' Health in Girls' Hands Initiative


The Women’s Fund has made a three-year funding commitment (2012-2015) to support Girls’ Health in Girls’ Hands, a countywide girls’ leadership collaborative of six youth-serving agencies to improve girls’ access to health information, strengthen their leadership skills and empower them to take action in their communities.

The goal is for hundreds of girls from throughout Monterey County to not only have access to more comprehensive and integrated health information, but also to develop powerful leadership skills and help to influence positive changes at their schools and in their communities. For more information on the Girls' Health in Girls' Hands initiative, please contact Program Officer, Lynn (McDonald) Bentaleb at 831.375.9712 x 111




Highlights Report