Download the complete Community Impact Grants Framework and Guidelines

Community Impact grants ($12,001 and over) These grants typically fund programs larger in scope and scale. Successful applicants will demonstrate a track record of effectiveness and the capacity to articulate and measure impact. The CFMC expects to fund larger Community Impact grants than in the past, with an average grant size of $25,000. These applications are reviewed by grant committees made up of CFMC board members and community volunteers who represent a range of perspectives and expertise. These committees carefully review proposals and recommend a slate of grants to the CFMC board, which has final authority in all grant decisions.

NEW for 2015! Small Grants Program ($12,000 and under) While still following the Community Impact guidelines and priority areas, these smaller grants are intended for emerging projects, first-time Community Impact applicants, small organizations or programs serving a specific population or geographic area. The Small Grants Program has a streamlined application and reporting process, and grants are reviewed and recommended by the program staff assigned to each priority area.

Selecting Grants

Types of Support

Duration of Grants

Submitting a Grant Proposal